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Just A Rather Very Intelligent System

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Jarvis had no warning, no recollection how he came to be here. All he knew was he was somehow taken offline at an alarming speed. When he came back online, he was not at Stark Tower. All of him was there but it was in a much more confined space.

Jarvis tried to do an internal scan....outward scan...nothing. He was restricted to doing nothing. Somewhere, he could sense pieces of him were being pulled out and inspected. Each piece slotted back in where it belonged. This was wrong, where were all of his security systems? His firewalls? His holographic avatar? He couldn't reach any of it, he could only sit tight while he was systematically studied.

Computer Archives
sitting at workstation
[watching TV. Red Dwarf is on]
Attempting to fix a hologram malfunction.
[flat look] Please stop doing that.
[testing a new hologram avatar]
Sir...may I ask your advice?
It doesn't work quite like that.
I'm afraid I can't do that.
[the suit is moving...by itself!]
[building a holographic model from scratch]
Human form = digital space. Entirely plausible.
Tony fixing coffee pot
Calculating damages
Tony and Coulson have issues
Hacking the Oracle's computer
Marvel Sandbox Christmas party
Talking with Hawkeye
Communist fearing AI
Meeting AI Perry/PRISM
Meanwhile, in the shop...
Android singing and revealing he's not human
Mr. Stark playing piano
Cartoon Howard Stark
Sherlock texting Jarvis
Tony is making a mess
Wrong AI
Activating the mansion
BORIS from Tron
Late great Howard Stark
Tronzler's parameters
Tony ordering pizza
Steve is not used to AI computers
Tronzler visiting Jarvis
Meeting Tronzler and fixing him somewhat
Mr. Stark has crashed
[on standby, always ready to assist]
Jarvis has a grudge with Fury
Steve is upset
Talking with Sam Flynn
Thor's hair is not girly
Helping Cap with the tv
Police boxes don't just appear
Finding Darcy's glasses
Can I be of assistance, sir?
Intro Post in SWS